Improves Soil

Algasoil is a natural fertilizer made from seaweed extract, specially designed for the improvement of the soil and it is highly appropriate for regular crops, gardens, nurseries and green houses.

As a soil conditioner, Algasoil is capable to promote the foundation of a  better structure on the soil, increases the ability to hold humidity and cation exchange.

Improves the air circulation in the ground and also helps to fixate of nutrients coming from chemical fertilizers and their leaching.

By using Algasoil for several seasons you can have a soil which has a high level of fertility.


Algasoil is an organic, granular fertilizer with 20% of seaweed extract of its total composition, this makes it the best and more complete soil conditioner.

It is ideal for organic crops or to mix it with chemical fertilizers in conventional crops.


Nutritionally, as a complete fertilizer or as a fertilizer booster, Algasoil improves the efficiency and uselfulness of the mayor and minor elements of the soil and of the ones presents in any fertilizers applied, reducing the constant increasing needs for more fertilization, which then translates in economy for the producer and a healthier environment.

Physically, as a soil conditioner, Algasoil improves the formation of a soil structure, increases the humidity retention ability and the cationic exchange at the same time it improves the air flow conditions of the soil. Besides, all this improvements will help the plants resist adequately the different stress conditions that can face due to diseases, lack of humidity or use of herbicides.

Chemically, Algasoil, as a chelating agent and pH regulator helps to retain the inorganic and water soluble fertilizers, preventing them from lixiviating and protecting the plants from any drastic pH changes.

Biologically, as a food source, Algasoil establishes a desirable environment for the developing of beneficial micro-organisms. It also stimulates germination, and seedlings viability plus the formation, growth, respiration of the root system. For all those reasons, Algasoil  increases the yield and quality of your crop.


Due to its granular composition, Algasoil is very easy to apply, easy to handle and mix with other fertilizers. It has no odor, thus it doesn’t contaminate and its use has demonstrated immediate improvements in appearance, development, vitality and healthiness of the crops, and at harvest it has been observed to increase yields and their quality.

Application to the ground: For seedlings, green houses or direct application as the unique fertilizer use 650 pounds per acre. To condition soils in green houses, mix 1 part of Algasoil for every 10 parts of soil.

General fertilization: Use 1 sac of conventional fertilizer for every sac of 20kgs of Algasoil, at sowing, development and pre-flowering.

Storage: Algasoil must be storage, fully closed with no air coming through the bag as it is an hygroscopic product and must be stowed in a dry, ventilated and with no direct sunlight place.