Alga 600 is a fertilizer with a balanced combination of seaweed (Sargassum), rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Alga600 is rich in biologically active substances.
Certified by Ecocert.


Commercial Name: Alga600

Chemical Composition: Potassium (K2O) 18%
Alginic Acid 13%
Organic Matter 37%

pH: 9-11

Appearance: Particles 0,5-0,55 g/cm3. Soluble powder

Packaging: 8.8 ounces (250 grams)

Application: Foliar, irrigation, at the bottom of the sowing hole, and late application


Improves the vigorous growth of the plants, even balance of the crop’s growth.

Promotes the enlargement of the stems and foliar growth, interrupts the latency of the buds.

Helps to differentiate the flower buds, improves flowering, increases fruit formation, makes colors more even and size of the fruits.

Improves the resistance  to biotic (due to fungi, bacterium and insects) and abiotic stress (drought, excess of humidity, wind and salinity), good nutrition reduces the illnesses transmitted via the soil.

Increases yields and improves its quality, it favors ripening and extends shelf life.

Recommendations of use:


Rice (Oryza Sativa): 2-4

Strawberry: 2-4

Corn (Zea Mays): 2-4

Bean (Phaseoulus vulgaris): 2-4

Citrus: 2-4

Potato (Solanum tuberosum): 2-4

Watermelon and Melon: 2-3

Vegetables: 2-4

Flowers: 2-4

Pastures: 2-4

Roots and tubers: 2-4

Pineappl: 2-4

Sugar Cane: 2-4

APPLICATION: From sowing and in the most important stages of the crop, it could be mixed with liquid or conventional water soluble fertilizers.  Apply Alga600 at least three times during the duration of the crop or annually.

Compatibility and Fito toxicity:

It is not fit toxic to the crops indicated in the dosage suggested.

It is compatible with most of the commonly used pesticides and fertilizers, as long as the directions are followed in terms of compatibility of these products.